Thursday, April 29, 2010

NEW NEWS April 29, 2010

Bicycle Lemonade will be at Buckley Park on Sunday, June 20th.

Clean Commute Week is an effort by the City of Durango to encourage a shift in the way our citizens think about transportation.
Our goal is to promote the use of alternative modes of transportation to benefit people’s health, the health of our community and the environment.
By promoting bicycling, walking, carpooling, and public transportation as environmentally responsible and practical options, we hope to excite people about
the benefits of clean commuting and get them to take a break from their single occupancy vehicles.
We hope that through our events, people will learn that commuting cleanly can be easy, cost effective, and fun.

Still looking for a new home!!!
If you know of any open space that might be good for a bike shop (or of anyone one that might) let us know

Build nights:
more will be occurring: volunteers will be scheduled for efficiency…contact us by e-mail if you’re interested--note what experience you have working on bikes and what weeknights you are available somewhere in the 5-9pm timeslot

Still accepting donations (bikes/parts):
Durango Cyclery--- 13th Street and Main by Buckley Park

T-shirts and Hats coming soon!!!!!!