Friday, October 14, 2011

Reemerging Bike Movement Seeking Motivated Lemoneurs

We at Bicycle Lemonade are rebooting.  We've been out of the communications loop for some time now and are beginning the process of restructuring and structuring to bring our movement further into the community of Durango.

If you're new or looking for an update on the status of BL, here you go:

We are still here!  Due to lack of a public space to work on bikes, we have had to run underground, so to speak for quite a while.  We currently have a ton of bikes in our garage space downtown and a small group of people have been working hard to get bikes out to the community.  It has been a real struggle, however, to try and bring on new volunteers when we, technically, are not supposed to have "the public" in our garage space.

We want your bikes and bike parts.  We are interested in whatever bike stuff you want to get rid of!  Our goal is not to make money, so most of what we put together from Lemonade is given away for free.  Some of the sweeter bikes we build will be sold on consignment to cover costs of tools and parts that we need to purchase to continue our work.  Donations can be dropped at the Durnago Cyclery on 13th next to Buckley Park.  Please do not go into the Cyclery and ask, "where's the free bikes at?"  Not only is that horrible grammar, but someone is likely to throw a wrench at you!

We want you to be a Lemoneur!  Along with getting bikes back on the road and saving them from the landfill, we are passionate about teaching people to build and maintain bikes.  Whether you are a seasoned mechanic and your blood runs Park blue or you just want to learn how to bolt that dobber to the thingy, we want you to be part of BL.  Workspace is an issue for us since we don't have a public space, but we want to get more people involved to move these bikes!

Contact us.  Our email is up and running and we now have a Facebook page for communication.  Email us at  This blog will be phased out over time as the Facebook page becomes our primary forum for communication, but your emails will be responded to as well.

Thank you to everyone who has hung with us.  We look forward to working with you and to collectively making a voice for bicycle cause in our community!

                                                                             lemonart by Devin Dahl